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Automation system for hotel rooms

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Progetto Mozambico

Class: Design

23/5/2011 | Carapira (Mozambique).  Some of the second-year students, divided into groups, had to design school and home furniture products that would be handcrafted by the students of the Escuela Industrial de Carapira in Nampula, Mozambique.

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9 Jul 2015 Personal website design

Personal website design

Course: Web Design

Second-year students of the Study Plan in Creative Design designed their personal website (year of study 2014/2015, lecturer: Cesar Arroyo)

27 May 2014 ATV - ActionTV

ATV - ActionTV

Course: Visual Design 1

Design of double advertisement pages for the presentation of a new thematic channel broadcasting highly spectacular extreme sport events.

The first considerations leading to the project: “each sport broadcast emotively involves the fans and amplifies the emotion thanks to the mean, ie the TV”. Unusual camera angles, tight fitting and exciting music are a magnet for the viewer to the screen.

This lead to the question and the challenge: how is it possible to give such a visive and emotional impact in a “simple” paper?

The answer comes not by considering the announce as an adv, but as a single photo where picture, text, graphics and colors generate a sort of photogram containing the whole sport action by interacting with dynamic balance. A living and pulsating picture.

The same basics have been adopted for the following project regarding the posters.

The course of Visual Design 1, whose lecturer is Vittorio Prina, is part of the first year of the Study Plan in Creative Design.

19 May 2014 Beach toys

Beach toys

Courses: descriptive geometry and modeling 1

During their first year of study, SID students learn to make replicas of existing objects by thermoforming from polistilene molds.

The exercise accomplished by the students of the Study Plan in Creative Design 2013/2014 was the development of beach toys models starting by products already existing on the market. There were three phases of the project and two involved courses:

  • Phase 1: within the course of descriptive geometry, held by lecturer Stefano Traverso, the students researched the toy to copy and developed the technical drawing.
  • Phase 2: during the course of modeling 1, held by lecturer Wilmer Gentili, the students drew the mold, made the shapes and then built the mold. At the end of the prints, all the pieces composing the model have been assembled.
  • Phase 3: the students practiced their future profession because they contacted external suppliers to define time and costs of varnishing the definitive prototypes.
Once painted by the body shop contacted by the students, the toys were ready. In the pictures you can see a selection of the best models, exhibited in the showcase of SID entrance hall.

21 May 2013 GreenFood


Course: Visual Design 1

The students of the 2014/2015 course in Visual Design 1 (lecturer: Vittorio Prina) developed 3 posters (35 x 50 cm) for a trade fair event offering products and services linked to health and wellbeing.

The 3 macro areas were food, tools and bioenergy. The design and descriptive methods used and applied to each theme has been learned during this academic course. The main concept is: “a visual communication project must convey the highest possible number of emotional powers to the observer”.

Every poster has been designed as a creative table, a real framework where balances, chromatic forces and spatial tensions give rise to the expressive power needed to capture the viewer’s attention in order to transmit the content.

22 May 2012 Personal website design

Personal website design

Course: Web Design

Second-year students of the Study Plan in Creative Design designed their personal website (year of study 2011/2012, lecturer: Cesar Arroyo)