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Rucksack - Trolley

Company: Roncato Valigerie

SID Pills

15 lug 2014 Contests |  Different Design, Carlsberg embraces design

Contests |  Different Design, Carlsberg embraces design

You can win a weekend in Copenhagen for 2 people


Carlsberg organizes a product design contest in occasion of next Paratissima. This event will take place in Turin to give the opportunity to emerging and established creative people to get involved in a dynamic environment with a wide audience.


You have to design an object or pieces of furniture which integrate and enhance the PET stem Draught Master, highlighting its sustainability and low environmental impact.
The products must be designed for private homes or public venues, and presented with mock-ups too.
The competition is open to Italian and foreign students, designers, architecture and creative people.  


Deliver of projects: up to Sunday, August 31st 2014.


2 winning projects will be chosen. Each of them will receive a weekend for 2 people in Copenhagen, including travel, 2 nights in a 4 star hotel (half-board) and guided tour of Carlsberg factory.


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11 lug 2014 Plia by Giancarlo Piretti - File 42

Plia by Giancarlo Piretti - File 42

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Plia
Year: 1969
Designer: G. Piretti
Company: Anonima Castelli

A transparent chair: with an aluminum structure and the back and seat moulded in ABS, the Plia embodies radical innovation in technology and styling, giving rise to countless copies and subsequent versions.

(pdf, 0.5 MB)

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9 lug 2014 JoeVelluto leads Italian Design National Team

JoeVelluto leads Italian Design National Team

An exhibit related to the World Cup at Triennale Design Museum

MILANO.  It looks like SID, but it’s NID: Nazionale Italiana Design, a project by studio JoeVelluto in Vicenza now on display at Triennale in Milan. The exhibit will be open until September 7th.

The team aims at representing italianness in the world of furniture, design and communication. Eleven under-35 creative people designed new products interpreting the housing and human changes we can observe during the soccer World Cup. Every designer has been supported by a different company.

Lineup: Sovrappensiero, Zaven, Simone Simonelli, Daniele Bortotto, Giorgio Biscaro, Alessandro Gnocchi, Gianluca Seta, Tankboys, Matteo Zorzenoni, Happycentro and Filippo Protasoni
Trainers: Andrea Maragno (JoeVelluto, SID lecturer) and Claudio Larcher (Modoloco)
Referee: Silvana Annicchiarico (Triennale Design Museum director)

What: Nazionale Italiana Design
Where: Triennale Design Museum, Milan
When: July 8th - September 7th 2014
Info: triennale.it

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8 lug 2014 Contests |  Design your LED/OLED lamp

Contests |  Design your LED/OLED lamp

A summer competition in view of Illuminotronica 2014

PADOVA.  LEDin Award looks for the best design of lighting products on LED/OLED technology. The contest is promoted by Assodel (Associazione Nazionale Fornitori Elettronica) in collaboration with Italian Lighting Designers network and IDEA (International Distribution of Electronics Association).


The competition is open to design, architecture or engineering students and young lighting designers. Projects must be unpublished and original.
There are 2 categories: “Product Design LED” (indoor) and “Product Design OLED” (by LG Chem) indoor.


  • Deliver of projects: up to September 1st, 2014 at 12.00
  • Awards ceremony: at Illuminotronica (in Padua), October 11th, 2014


Each category will have a winner and some possible honorable mentions.
The winners will be advertised to the press and the most meaningful projects will be prototyped with a 3D printer, made operational and shown during Illuminotronica 2014.


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7 lug 2014 The history of the World Cup by its 20 official posters

The history of the World Cup by its 20 official posters

From Uruguay 1930 to Brazil 2014: 84 years of evolution

BRASILE.  The 2014 FIFA World Cup is reaching its great final, so we SID Pills decided to make a short research in the visual area.

Our interest was focused on the graphic evolution of the posters, from the first edition in 1930. We collected all of them: watch the gallery above.

Every poster suggests interesting ideas: some of them are more artistic, others refers to the culture of a nation or to the historical period when they’ve been designed. Our overview ends with Brazil 2014, which is interesting at a communicative level because it’s the first one with sponsor added.

Which is your favorite one? Do you have another proposal for Brazil 2014 one?

  • Photo 2: 1930 Uruguay
  • Photo 3: 1934 Italy
  • Photo 4: 1938 France
  • Photo 5: 1950 Brazil
  • Photo 6: 1954 Swiss
  • Photo 7: 1958 Sweden
  • Photo 8: 1962 Chile
  • Photo 9: 1966 England
  • Photo 10: 1970 Mexico
  • Photo 11: 1974 Germany
  • Photo 12: 1978 Argentina
  • Photo 13: 1982 Spain
  • Photo 14: 1986 Mexico
  • Photo 15: 1990 Italy
  • Photo 16: 1994 USA
  • Photo 17: 1998 France
  • Photo 18: 2002 Korea-Japan
  • Photo 19: 2006 Germany
  • Photo 20: 2010 South Africa
  • Photo 21: 2014 Brazil

Design and sport? Also read:

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4 lug 2014 Pop by Mario & Dario Bellini - File 41

Pop by Mario & Dario Bellini - File 41

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Pop
Year: 1968
Designer: M. e D. Bellini
Company: Minerva

Portable music: the Pop, one of the first and most famous portable record players, conveys a clear emotional note alongside its technical and practical aspects.

(pdf, 0.4 MB)

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3 lug 2014 The turntable plays wooden records

The turntable plays wooden records

Voices from nature: Years, Bartholomäus Traubeck's project

MUNICH, GERMANY.  Design may be not only industrial, but also artistic. Today we want to tell you about Bartholomäus Traubeck’s work.

The aim of the young German talent (born in 1987) was to find a turntable able to “play” records coming from the trunks of the trees. We usually count their rings to know the age of a tree, but how do they sound?


THE PROJECT “YEARS” - Bartholomäus analysed strenght, thickness and rate of growth of the rings of a tree. The collected data became the basis for a generative process that outputs digitized piano music. The mapping continued by considering the appearance of the tree (darker or lighter color, stronger or lighter texture, etc.).

Everything was then transmitted to a computer software witch elaborates the data and makes the trees play.

Modified turntable, computer, vvvv, camera, acrylic glass, veneer compound the final product. Dimensions are approx. 90x50x50 cm.
So... What’s your favorite track?

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2 lug 2014 A new concept for wheelchairs

A new concept for wheelchairs

Moving regardless the terrain: a new WDIP 2014 finalist

BOSTON, USA.  The sixth shortlisted project of World Design Impact Prize 2014 comes from the USA. It suggests a new way to challenge architectonic barriers.

  1. Refugee Housing Unit
  2. ABC Syringe
  3. BioLite HomeStove
  4. Family by Family
  5. Laddoo Project
  6. Leveraged Freedom Chair
  7. coming soon...

The challenge

Removing the architectural barriers is one of the most important social challenges of these years, in order to let the people with disabilities move easier outside.

However, we can provide them with a greater flexibility of movement, without considering the environmental conditions. Then, the focus moves on wheelchairs. The traditional push-rim ones can only be used on flatter and smoother ground.

We can find this problem:
  • in developed countries, where people with disabilities can have a normal life but still can’t get to new places such as the top of the mountains;
  • in developing countries, where even a simple trip outside can be difficult.

The proposal

Project title: Leveraged Freedom Chair
Author: GRIT & Continuum
Location: Boston, USA

The project has been developed by Continuum in collaboration with MIT Mobility Lab (GRIT) and its name is Leveraged Freedom Chair.

It’s a hi-tech wheelchair which takes advantage of the bicycle principle of chain and sprocket, in relation with two extended push levers.
The mechanism is revolutionary, because it employs variable torque depending on the position of the rider’s hands, giving it flexibility regardless of terrain.

A few numbers: the user can move 34% faster on flat ground and get 53% higher torque on rough terrain. Most importantly, it delivers a newfound sense of emotional independence for its users.

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30 giu 2014 In search of the world ideal beauty

In search of the world ideal beauty

Esther Honig's project gets viral: here's the underlying studio

KANSAS CITY, USA.  A creative project developed within the artistic sphere by American journalist Esther Honig is having a viral diffusion during last days.


Young Esther is a “human interest reporter” who works today in the world of media. Her best quality is the personal passion for human beings and their characters diversity.
«I aim to position the bigger, more complex stories through the tiny lens of a single individual

Esther Honig, graduated in 2012 in Spanish and Latin American Studies, traveled in several locations of South America, such as Mexico and Chile, before coming back to Kansas City where she works today.


The starting aim was simple: to analyze the concept of human beauty changes through the culture, on a global scale.

Thanks to the Web, Esther contacted about 40 people coming from more than 25 nations, asking them to “make her beautiful” by photo-retouch.
She sent them an unaltered picture of hers. The 40 people presented back their photomontage, which highlight not only their aesthetic sensibility, but also the different standards of beauty hailing from the local cultures.

The journalist concludes: «Photoshop allows us to achieve our unobtainable standards of beauty, but when we compare those standards on a global scale, achieving the ideal remains all the more elusive


A selection of images from her project Before & After:
  • Photo 1: Bangladesh
  • Photo 2: Kenya
  • Photo 3: Argentina
  • Photo 4: Marocco
  • Photo 5: USA
  • Photo 6: Pakistan
  • Photo 7: Cile
  • Photo 8: Regno Unito
  • Photo 9: Italia

More: www.estherhonig.com
Credits: Esther Honig

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27 giu 2014 Grillo by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso - File 40

Grillo by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso - File 40

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Grillo
Year: 1967
Designer: R. Sapper, M. Zanuso
Company: Piaggio

Two wheels for any given day: nifty and versatile, Ciao was the first moped with a frame entirely made out of pressed metal plate.

(pdf, 0.5 MB)

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