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5 apr 2014 PREVIEW DESIGN WEEK 2014: Salone del Mobile

PREVIEW DESIGN WEEK 2014: Salone del Mobile

A selection of meetings at Fiera Milano in Rho from April 8 to 13

MILANO.  Follow the Salone del Mobile with Scuola Italiana Design and SID Pills: previews, reports, interviews.
Also, for this event we’ll launch our new Instagram account, where we’ll post the pictures from the fair live.


Salone del Mobile is back. For our students going there on April 10th, and for all our SID Pills readers, we suggest some appointments taking place at the Fair in Rho.


The Fair is partitioned into several areas:
  • Salone del Complemento d’Arredo: design (blue in the map), modern (rose) and classic (red)
  • Eurocucina (yellow) e Technology For the Kitchen (FTK)
  • Salone Internazionale del Bagno (green)
  • Salone Satellite (grey)


A cultural event-exhibit shows the “private rooms” of 8 great designers/architects: Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini, David Chipperfield, Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas, Zaha Hadid, Marcio Kogan, Daniel Libeskind and Bijoy Jain/Studio Mumbai.
Where: pav. 9


The association presents two events at the Fair:
  • In Italy”, a travel through Italian craftsmanship becoming industry (outside Reception pav. 5/7)
  • Kitchen, Soul, Design: Italy lives”, a project to support the excellence of Made in Italy in the world of kitchen (pav. 9).


For the first time, the English designer will be at the Fair: «We’ve chosen to launch the legendary British Club again into a futuristic social environment.»
Where: pav. 20


At Poltrona Frau Showroom you can see the new Nivola, armchair and sofa designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.
Where: pav. 20, stands D19/E16

RIVA 1920

The famous brand of wooden furniture will host a lot of guests. :
  • Tue. 8: opening with Karim Rashid and presentation of the giant installation Globalove
  • Wed. 9: morning with Jamie Durie, in the afternoon P. Ferro, G. Dupeyron and D. Novara
  • Thu. 10: at 10.00 am with Andrea Castrignano, at 2.00 pm with Setsu&Shinobu Ito
  • Fri. 11: morning with Monica Armani, in the afternoon the songwriter Van de Sfroos and Michele De Lucchi
Where: pav. 6, stands A23-B20


The famous Italian brand will exhibit “Super & Popular”, the projects of Living Accessories series and the spring/summer 2014 collection (products bt Iacchetti, Fukasawa, De Lucchi...), di cui già abbiamo parlato su SID Pills.

Alessi will be also at Salone Internazionale del Bagno with the collection IlBagnoAlessi One designed by Stefano Giovannoni and expanded with new sanitaryware and furniture.

Dove: pav. 9 (furniture), stand E2 - pav. 24 (bathroom), stand G21/G25


There are 6 major products Serralunga presents as proofs of an year spent in experimentations, growth and development: the polyethylene garden pouf Oasis and LED floor lamp Flame (by Sebastian Bergne), lamps Floret (Raffaella Mangiarotti) and Picnic (Joan Gaspar), the polyethylene bench Luba (Ionna Vautrin) and the table Alice (Patrizia Pozzi).
In the afternoon of April 9th, you can meet the designers within a special event.
Where: pav. 20, stand D29


The sofa LC5 by Le Corbusier (produced in 1934) has been restyled by Cassina in collaboration with Fondazione Le Corbusier and co-authors successors. This, and much more (such as Floating Forest by Sou Fujimoto Architects) at Salone 2014.
Where: pav. 20, stands D01/E06


Salone del Mobile provides you an app to easily move along the stands, with a map, the list and location of exhibitors and other useful info.
Download for iOs or Android

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4 apr 2014 Eclisse by Vico Magistretti - File 35

Eclisse by Vico Magistretti - File 35

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Eclisse
Year: 1965
Designer: V. Magistretti
Company: Brionvega

The radio in a box: compactness, neatness of form, and innovation are the characteristics of this object, which is one of the best-known and long-lived of Brionvega’s products.

(pdf, 1.2 MB)

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2 apr 2014 France hosts Italian people to talk about brand design

France hosts Italian people to talk about brand design

The 7th edition of the meeting on design management in Paris

PARIS, FRANCE.  Last March 20th, a meeting on Brand Design took place at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense in Paris. The seminar reached its 7th edition, organized by Professor of Economy and Marketing Kamel Ben Youssef and coordinated by the Department of Mechanics and Production of University IUT Ville d’Avray.

The event developed among discussions on themes linked to brand design, with a dynamic working group compounded by expert lecturers, senior professionals, young designers and students.

The value of Brand Design

Saverio Sbalchiero (Sbalchiero and Partners) described what brand design is and the perception of a brand in the communication and information markets: «Design has a strategic role in this transitional period from the paper to the digital support.»

Architect Giancarlo Tintori presented retail design case histories (both positive and negative), highlighting the close relation between the brand success and the capability to apply the brand values, thanks to design, in all the communication sectors: marketing, product, retail, strategic point of contact with the customer.

Materials and strategies to succeed

Eva Tenan (Matech - PST Galileo) showed innovative materials and some examples of technological transfer which led to interesting results in the areas of design and brand perception by the market: «The creative use of hi-tech materials is a source of innovation which improves the competitiveness of a company and the value of its brand.»

Ludovica Galvan (Caffè Diemme) described the communication project of her company and the involvement of the customer in the company innovations: thanks to new specific services and an updated educational program, the project led to excellent results in growth and a constant reinforcement of the brand in the market.

Jacopo Bargellini told the basic principles of the 12 rules for design management as suggested in a recently printed book, developed to give to the SMEs a handbook on the needed processes to create a design-oriented company structure.

Luca Cielo (Cielo e Terra Vini) told the company project of Corporate Social Responsibility, underlining the importance of brand design for an effective positioning of the company in the market.

A market oriented design

I closed the seminar with a speech on Design and Marketing in SME, with a focus on the growth opportunities by adopting design management tools.
Emme Italia case history shows that a market oriented design method, also thanks to product management techniques acquired within Scuola Italiana Design courses, leads to reassuring results in competitiveness in the office furniture small business, which is now in crisis.

Know more:

Alessandro Barison

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1 apr 2014 A one-day immersion in materials and technologies

A one-day immersion in materials and technologies

First-year students' educational visit to MecSpe in Parma

PARMA.  For one day, the Fair of Parma was venue of the lessons for the students of Modeling and Technology, accompanied by their lecturers Wilmer Gentili and Paolo Bacco.

It was the 2014 edition of MecSpe, the most important Italian fair dedicated to product technologies and industrial supply chains.

Eng. Paolo Bacco, lecturer of Technology: «Our students can’t become designer before seeing these technologies, materials and production processes. If at Salone del Mobile they can see the definitive products, here they can observe the “behind the scenes”

In particular, the students focused on observing and asking (and taking some gadgets!) within the exhibitors of “Eurostampi”, with its innovative materials, rapid prototyping, molding, and of “Macchine e Utensili”.

3D printers were great protagonists and their market is rapidly growing. That’s one of the reason why Scuola Italiana Design placed a 3D printer in its modeling lab for the students to exercise – the news of this month.

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26 mar 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, 2014 winners

Sony World Photography Awards, 2014 winners

A 12-years-old Indonesian boy is one of the winners

LONDON, UK.  The winners of Sony World Photography Awards 2014 has been announced. It’s the well-known photo contest organized by WPO, World Photography Organization.

There were different categories and about 70,000 pictures has been submitted in total.

For Youth section, the 3 winners, one for each brief, are:
  • Culture: Anastasia Zhetvina, Russia  (photo 1)
  • Environment: Michael Theodric, Indonesia (photo 2)
  • Portraits: Paulina Metzscher, Germania (photo 3)
The youth section is open to all under 20 photographers, and its goal is to discover merging talents.

Ten more winners has been announced for the category Open Competition, one for each brief. This category is open to non-professional photography enthusiast.

For Italy, the national winner is Andrea Menozzi (photo 4), followed by Francesco Mollo and Ivan Pedretti.

The winners of the professional category will be revealed during the awarding ceremony on April 30th.

Know more:
Photo source: Pinterest

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25 mar 2014 Bellum Ex Libris, the battle among two SID lecturers

Bellum Ex Libris, the battle among two SID lecturers

Eugenio Farina and Andrea Maragno in an alternative cultural debate

PADOVA.  Our lecturers were hosted by University students for an informal meeting. It happened few days ago at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Padua for the series of events “L’ombra di Galileo” (Galileo’s shadow).

It was a thoughtful and eclectic evening, far away from the formal academic lectures, with the aim of bringing together all the curious to reasoning and interpretations.

The 2 guest lecturers, Eugenio Farina and Andrea Maragno, took turns in a “duel” of acting and reading starting from 8 keywords, previously chosen in common:
  1. Love
  2. Hate / Love&Hate
  3. Restlessness
  4. Fun Cool
  5. Only You Know…
  6. Revolution
  7. Refinement
  8. Wine

For each of these words, they quoted different and stimulating pieces, with lots of points of view: the selected texts, sometimes similar but even more often at odds with each other, intended to analyze in depth the various topics and to stimulate comment.
Among the quoted authors by the 2 teachers there were Solanas, Giacometti, Cattelan, Sottsass and Calvino.

Credits: Chiara Poletto

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24 mar 2014 The collaboration among SID students and companies

The collaboration among SID students and companies

The begins of the last term of the Master in Creative Design 2013/2014

PADOVA.  Within the Master in Creative Design, the courses in industrial design with the briefs assigned by real companies are going on.

Last week, the 2nd of the 3 academic term ended with the final presentations among the students and the client companies.

3D renders brochures and printed materials, prototypes and product models, packaging: the classrooms were filled with the works made by the students, assisted by design lecturers.

At the end of the presentations, the 4 partner companies of the 2nd term showed a great satisfaction: they were Vigovo (packaging for eggs), Italbio (organic wine), Jonny Mole (bicycle and bike items) and Luce&Light (LED lights).

«Proudly we can see how the companies trust our students and lecturers and appreciate the final works» Massimo Malaguti, PST Galileo general manager, said. «It’s a mutual growth, for both the companies and “our” young designers of the future.»

This week, the students are back in their classrooms with new companies and design briefs: the third term is lasting 10 weeks, leading them to the Final Exam to qualify as a designer.

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21 mar 2014 Ts502 by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso - File 34

Ts502 by Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso - File 34

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Ts502
Year: 1964
Designer: R. Sapper, M. Zanuso
Company: Brionvega

The radio in a box: compactness, neatness of form, and innovation are the characteristics of this object, which is one of the best-known and long-lived of Brionvega’s products.

(pdf, 1.1 MB)

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19 mar 2014 La Città Invisibile, the events in 7 non-places in Padua

La Città Invisibile, the events in 7 non-places in Padua

From March 30 to June 8 music and culture reach the suburbs

PADOVA.  La Città Invisibile (“the invisible city”) is a series of events with free entry which is taking place from March 30th to June 8th in 7 non-places in Padua.

Not only historic spaces with architectural and cultural merit: there is a city made up of “non-places”. They don’t have a clear distinctive identity and, therefore, may be placed at any city.

Under the coordination of the School of Music “G. Gershwin” and with the support of Regione Veneto, 7 events has been organized, thought for a broad audience. The Association “Gioco e Benessere in Pediatria a Padova onlus” will be guest to each of them.


  • March 30th, 18.00 @ Parco d’Europa
    “Notturno in Serra”
    musical walk with pianist Paolo Zanarella

  • April 6th, 16.30 @ Cinema Teatro Rex (Forcellini)
    “Cartoons in Jazz, sonorizzazione dal vivo di cartoni animati”
    for adults and children, with Cucha Cucha Cartoons Orchestra

  • April 13th, 18.30 @ Sala San Carlo (Arcella)
    “Tablao Flamenco - musica, danze e colori dell’Andalusia”
    with Compagnia Duendarte and Chiara Guerra

  • May 4th, 16.30 @ Cinema Teatro Esperia (via Chiesanuova)
    “60 bambini e orchestra cantano Walt Disney”
    with Moviechorus

  • May 18th, 21.25 @ Piccolo Teatro Benetollo (Stanga)
    “Bilal. Viaggiare, lavorare e morire da clandestini”
    performance of words and music with journalist Fabrizio Gatti

  • May 31st, 21.30 @ Piazza Azzurri d’Italia
    “Blues Brothers tribute”
    with Soul Men Band

  • June 8th, 18.00 @ Capolinea Tram Sud Guizza
    “Tango, milonga e vals DOVE non li avete mai visti!”
    and Aperitango with the tango schools of Padua

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18 mar 2014 Contests |  Design the future of housing for Expo 2015

Contests |  Design the future of housing for Expo 2015

The company Came looks for visionary projects for tech housing

TREVISO.  For the next Expo 2015, Came, international leading company in the field of automation, opens a call for entries in order to develop and promote the culture of innovation in housing.
The name of the contest is “Future VS Home. Bridge the Gap!” and will assign the first Came Design Award.


The contest is open to students and just graduated from Universities and Schools of Design and Architecture, individual or in groups. Came asks them to bridge house and future, thinking of new solutions of how technologies will revolutionize the housing.

You can send visionary projects related to control and management of gateways and access, security, lighting, home automation, and technology to support everyday man-machine interfaces


Submissions are open until August 31st, 2014. Winner will be contacted until October 31st, 2014.


  • 1st place: 2000 €
  • 2nd place: 1000 €
  • 3rd place: 500 €
These 3 winners, along with other selected designers, will also have the opportunity to contribute in the development of the “Future Home” prototypes, which will be built by Came at Expo Milano 2015.


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