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6 Feb 2015 Gas station by Franco Mirenzi - File 52

Gas station by Franco Mirenzi - File 52

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Erogatore di carburante
Year: 1971
Designer: F. Mirenzi
Company: Nuovo Pignone

A tankful of design: the petrol pump has been a standard for decades, undergoing just a few aesthetic updates.

(pdf, 0.8 MB)

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3 Feb 2015 Communication from the Jury of SID Future Identity contest

Communication from the Jury of SID Future Identity contest

New schedule and steps toward the winner proclamation


The Jury first thanks all the participants in the contest for the new SID corporate identity.

Last week they evaluated the several submitted proposals and drew up a first selection. Before communicating this shortlist, the members desire to take a further step by involving into the Jury our SID lecturers related to the graphic design area.

They are:
  • Vittorio Prina, Visual Design lecturer;
  • Sonia Tasca, Visual Design lecturer;
  • Giovanni Zambon, Software for Graphics lecturer.

The extended Jury is identifying the changes to be done for each shortlisted project, to be communicated to the authors in order to provide the definitive proposal.

No later than February 6th, only the selected participants will receive an e-mail with these suggestions on how to improve their proposal.
After that, the final works will be uploaded on the social networks for the people’s vote.

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2 Feb 2015 Contests |  A poster dedicated to food

Contests |  A poster dedicated to food

Your idea of food system is protagonist of the contest Posterheroes


Posterheroes is an international communication and social graphic art contest organized by Plug – non profit Cultural Association. After facing the brief related to food intended as cultural and social topic, this year Posterheroes talks about the whole food chain in its broader aspect.


Plug calls the international creative community (students, graphic lovers and professional designers) in the design of a poster (50x70 cm) that will be evaluated by an international Jury.


Participants can submit their proposals until March 1st, 2015 by the website www.posterheroes.org.


The 40 winning posters will be published within the catalogue of the initiative and will be part of exhibits and future events organized by Plug after the end of the contest.


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21 Jan 2015 Contests |  Will the new ceramic flooring be yours?

Contests |  Will the new ceramic flooring be yours?

Mirage takes the winners to Salone del Mobile 2015


After a successful first edition with more than 200 project sent by more than 25 countries, Mirage, important company producing Made in Italy porcelain stoneware, launches the new edition of the contest “Restile”. It is aimed at the research of new interpretations of ceramic products, meaning not just new style trends, but also alternative approaches to define the future of ceramic flooring.


The contest is open to designers and creative people who can submit their alternative design reinterpreting the classic tile. In fact, the contest Restile wants to define a new product in material and aesthetic by a personal reinterpretation of a product concept.


You have to register at www.miragecontest.com/restile. The works must be sent up to March 1st, 2015. The winners will be announced on the website by March 25th.


The winners will exspose their product at Mirage Project Point during Furoisalone 2015 in Milan (April 14-19). Also:
  • 1st prize: € 7.000,00
  • 2nd prize: € 2.000,00
  • 3rd prize: € 1.000,00
Special mentions could be granted.
The award ceremony will take place at the Mirage Project Point during Salone del Mobile, during the event ’Restile Awards’, in the presence of Italian and international architecture studios.


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20 Jan 2015 Good Design Award, an international renown for Busana

Good Design Award, an international renown for Busana

SID Pills ask him the features of his winning product, Basket Chair


A new meeting with Alessandro Busana, SID graduate, professional designer and SID tutor. We made an interview with him for a clear reason, to tell us about his recent international award!

Hi Alessandro, let’s start from the latest news: what did you win?
I won the Good Design Award 2014, the most enduring international prize born in 1950 by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. This year 700 new products, divided into 25 categories and 36 nations, participated. It’s considered one of the most important international prizes, so I’m very happy about the result.

How did you know about the victory?
It was a real surprise because I didn’t know that the company Gaber submitted the product to the selection of Good Design Award. An e-mail from Gaber’s marketing office joyfully communicated the result.

There were so many difficulties to overcome and so much passion to channel in order to make a vague idea a real saleable product. For this reason, an international reward like Good Design Award is the proof you’re doing your job well. It won’t change my life for sure, but it’s a nice motivational push.

So tell us something about this product!
The product is Basket Chair, a chair made of technopolymer shell and interchangeable legs, presented during the last edition of Milan Design Week.
Like any other product I’ve created, the project was born after a very long period of research.
As everybody know, chair design is very difficult because of the technique and the huge number of models already developed: to design something recognizable and desirable is very hard.

The concept of Basket Chair started from the “sense of container” to turn an ordinary chair into a cozy “people container”: a place, more than an object, where to find well-being and protection. The idea of container evolved to a graphic rhythm (useful for the stacking process too) which reminded me subconsciously a stylized rattan basket... here’s the name Basket Chair.

Which steps leaded to the mass production of the chair?
The company was farsighted and believed in the project by developing a wonderful wooden prototype (I jealously held it in my studio), which was useful to understand the needed changes before the final steel mold. The work lasted about 5 months, that after all it’s a quite short period to achieve this kind of chairs.

“How is it made”?
As said above, the armchair is made of a technopolymer shell supporting plastic, wooden or curved-rod legs. This feature allows the company to provide a wide range of products (using just a single mold) to satisfy the increasingly different demands of the clients.

As always, the most difficult obstacle was to realize the stacking, which greatly affects on the aesthetic, without altering the identity of the chair. In this case, it was structured for at least 6 units by playing on the rhythmic disposal of the holes of the body. It was an acceptable compromise. I remind you we’re talking about a chair for the Contract market, where the term “compromise” is more used than ketchup on fries.

Did the search for compromise limit your work?
I must say that is more satisfying in finding good solution while managing compromises, than in having carte blanche - you’re not a designer if you have carte blanche!

Will Good Design Award be a springboard for you work in 2015? Do you have any “good intention”?
By now, the award brought me visibility in the Internet and on the press, but I hope it will also be a vehicle to give birth to new collaborations.
My new products for 2015 are still in a prototyping/evaluation phase, so to avoid bad luck I don’t disclose anything. Some news should be ready for next I Saloni in Milan.
Among the “good intentions” for 2015, I’ve thought to donate a chair to SID, if you have a nice place where to position it… far away from the modeling lab hopefully!! Good luck to everybody!

Know more on Alessandro Busana:

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16 Jan 2015 Abitacolo by Bruno Munari - File 51

Abitacolo by Bruno Munari - File 51

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Abitacolo
Year: 1971
Designer: B. Munari
Company: Robots

New living space: simplicity and rational design are the characteristics of this multi-use furnishing unit bed, writing table and chair all in one.

(pdf, 1.0 MB)

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14 Jan 2015 The architects of the Year are a studio in Venice

The architects of the Year are a studio in Venice

Ethic and sustainability for TAMassociati: their ideas, their suggestions


We’re in Venice, a few miles away from SID: TAMassociati has worked there since 1996. It’s a design studio dealing with sustainable architecture, urban and landscape design, participative processes, graphic design and social communication.

We called them not just for the ethical value of their projects, but also for the recent win of “Architects of the Year 2014” award released by Cnapp, the Italian “Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori”. It’s another prize they can add to the showcase in addition to other international ones. Here’s what their spokesperson Laura Candelpergher told us.

Cnapp gave you the “Architects of the Year 2014” award in Italy: how did you learn the news? Did you expect it?

We had an unofficial call. We didn’t expect such a recognition - we’re proud of it - however we felt a strong and growing attention by the Counsil for social topics. I also refer to the Festa dell’Architettura held in Lampedusa on June 2014, where we were invited as speakers.

You’re known for the ethical value of your projects: what does it mean?

We just think it means to be coherent with our principles. That entails a choice of the clients we aim to “serve”: we try to propose ourselves to those people who can share or understand our ideas.

Is it difficult to “be ethical” in your works?

Sometimes it’s a hard activity, but it allows us to decide the direction of our job: for a professional, this conforms to the ethic.

Is there a most satisfying project for you in 2014?

We concluded a project we were hardly involved: the design of an eco-village in Senegal. This project was born 2 years ago during a common path undertaken with an association of Senegalese immigrates in Venice.

This project received an important recognition and on December we were hosted in Las Vegas to present it during the international meeting organized for Autodesk University 2014.

The project is starting in 2015 with the realization of a prototype for the southern area of Dakar: this building will have low-cost solutions for water reuse and will be supervised for one year as a model for new living quarters within the rural villages in the surroundings. Later, the project will become an open source for self-contructions. 

Would you give any suggestion to our students becoming professional designers soon?

Follow your interests, collect experiences all around the world. Traveling and sharing your work with others, especially with people from faraway cultures, is a very effective method to grow and understand the thousands aspects of our work.

Thanks to TAMassociati and good luck to their job!

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17 Dec 2014 Scuola Italiana Design wish you a merry creative Xmas!

Scuola Italiana Design wish you a merry creative Xmas!

Our institute will open back on January 7th, 2015

PADOVA.  SID Scuola Italiana Design wish everybody merry Christmas and a happy 2015.

Our institute will be closed from December 20th to January 6th, 2015.

For compelling communications, please contact Arch. Eugenio Farina by e-mail at eugenio.farina (at) galileopark.it.

SID and its offices will open back on January 7th, 2015.

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10 Dec 2014 Autumn of furniture: what does 2014 leave us with?

Autumn of furniture: what does 2014 leave us with?

A view through Casa su Misura, Abitare il Tempo and Expo Sicam

PADOVA, VERONA, PORDENONE.  The autumnal season of furniture focused on 3 interesting fairs of Italian North-east: Abitare il Tempo in Verona, Casa su Misura in Padua, Expo Sicam in Pordenone.

3 trade fairs, 3 topics

This series of fairs took place from the end of September to the end of October and was very exciting for 2 main reasons: it’s the expression of the local economy surrounding SID and each of them deals with a particular aspect of the diversified world of furniture. In fact, Abitare il Tempo was linked to the contract project, talking with sellers and contractors; Casa su Misura to final users and local distribution; Expo Sicam to the components for the furniture industry and with an international audience.

The temporal proximity and specific focuses make these 3 fairs be a interesting summary of furniture field, far away from spring scented distractions of Salone del Mobile in Milan. We can immediately perceive the crisis because the resources for innovation are limited for both enterprises and the trade fair organizers.

Up with the times

Expo Sicam can wait the end of the crisis without any particular innovation to exhibition concept, because has a strong consolidated international B2B structure. Abitare il Tempo is looking for a new identity and Casa su Misura struggles to keep up with the changing times.

The companies suffer the crisis too and most of them place themselves on the defensiveness. In fact, watching their products, we can see style exercises representing the current fashion. Autumn 2014 was warm and sunny, but furniture industry wasn’t. This is the idea coming from the desolate empty areas of the halls and the company catalogues proposing just new finishes or colors.

More than just product design

Design and creativity are not disappeared, they just moved their action from branding to management, from product to service, from surface to technologies. Substantial educational and networking events by Abitare il Tempo, renewed distributional offers by Casa su Misura resellers, refined technical solutions by Expo Sicam: designers, companies and retailers answered the crisis by specializing and acquiring less obvious contents, but more effective in strategy.

It’s a positive signal which looks to the future with vision. This autumn comes before a definitely hard winter but let imagine of a serene spring of creativity and design.

Alessandro Barison

Useful links:

  • Casa su misura, Genesin: LC2 by Le Corbusier, Cassina
  • Expo Sicam, everyday tech: motorized lifting systems for kitchens, Linak

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3 Dec 2014 SID and its ideas among the Innovation Factories

SID and its ideas among the Innovation Factories

Our case histories presented to 8 local companies

PADOVA.  A great meeting organized by Confindustria Veneto SIAV for 8 manufacturing companies took place yesterday at Aula Magna SID. The topic was “New Technological Trends”, held by the departments of Science and Technology Park Galileo.

In the morning, MaTech showed how new materials can give an added value to the products, in terms of technological innovation. Using case histories and testimonials from other companies, they talked about engineering plastics, thermoplastic composites, technical coating and ecofriendly materials.

In the afternoon, Prof. Andrea Busato presented what SID can do for enterprises, while Prof. Eugenio Farina introduced some case histories linked to the almost 25-year relationship of SID with companies.

Students became protagonists too: they told the participants about design and research paths developed within their one-year Master in Creative Design, the training course where students, using their young and decontaminated creativity and SID methods, develop industrial designs for companies.

MaTech and SID arised as prominent examples of centers of research and technology transfer. This meeting was the third out of seven on the topic of “Innovation Factories: how to develop innovation practices in manufacturing companies”.

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SID PILLS è una testata giornalistica web iscritta al n. 2299 del Registro Stampa presso il Tribunale di Padova in data 31 maggio 2012.