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28 nov 2014 A109 Hirundo by Paolo Bellavita - File 50

A109 Hirundo by Paolo Bellavita - File 50

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: A109 Hirundo
Year: 1971
Designer: P. Bellavita
Company: Agusta

Italy by helicopter: the A109 Hirundo helicopter produced by Agusta is one of the products which in the Seventies showcased Italy in the field of rotor-blade flight.

(pdf, 1.0 MB)

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24 nov 2014 SID in Brugnera to talk about furniture news

SID in Brugnera to talk about furniture news

On 27 nov with Prisma Tech on digital prototyping and customer experience

BRUGNERA (PN).  On November 27th, SID Scuola Italiana Design will be in Brugnera along with Prisma Tech for the event “From Digital Prototyping to Customer Experience”, a meeting about innovative technologies for furniture industries.

The meeting will take place at Istituto del Mobile e dell’Arredo di Sacile e Brugnera. The full program:

14.30 | “Welcome” with Aldo Mattera, dean ISIS Sacile e Brugnera
14.45 | “New paradigms for furniture industry” with Giuseppe Donanzan, CEO Prisma Tech
15.00 | “Product performance certification” with Angelo Speranza,  AD CATAS
15.30 | “Knowledge and culture of creative design” with Andrea Busato, Marketing and Lecturer SID
16.00 | “Live fotorealism” with Alessandro Mennonna, CG Artist Prisma Tech
16.30 | “Inspire your customers: the catalogue” with Devis Bandiera, SAE Prisma Tech
17.00 | “Case Study: Mobilificio San Giacomo” with Loris Piovesana, Mobilificio San Giacomo

The event is open to all interested people and enthusiasts and will end with an aperitif.

What: meeting “From Digital Prototyping to Customer Experience”
Where: ISIS Sacile e Brugnera, via G. Galilei 7 in Brugnera (Pordenone)
When: Thursday November 27th, 2014, from 2.30 pm to 5.45 pm
Info: online free registration

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11 nov 2014 Contests |  What's your modern vegetable garden?

Contests |  What's your modern vegetable garden?

The contest promotes the sustainable use of wood and paper

PADOVA.  FSC Italia launches its third Italia Design Award. The contest comes from the FSC idea that design and architecture can contribute to promote sustainable wood and paper. This year topic is “modern vegetable garden” and Scuola Italiana Design is partner of this initiative.


The participants will design objects, furniture and innovative systems to help the organization, cultivation and fruition of a vegetable garden and its fruits. Under-40 students and professionals are admitted. Allowed materials: wood or paper.


The works must be sent up to January 30th, 2015.


There will be prizes for every category: cash prizes, special prizes by Ottagono and Atelier dell’Innovazione, production of prototypes. For the full list please read the call for entries.


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10 nov 2014 'Our creative universe... beyond the decoration'

'Our creative universe... beyond the decoration'

Two SID graduates exhibiting at Verona Fair: Davide Daminato

VERONA.  Few days ago the 2014 edition of Abitare il Tempo took place in Verona. This year, 2 SID graduates participated in it: Alessandro Barison and Davide Daminato.

They collaborated together in a special project, so we decided to interview them... today we speak with: Davide Daminato.

Davide, let’s start from the end: is there anybody you want to thank for your participation in the Verona Fair?
I thank Alessandro Barison, the curator of the exhibit Arch. Silvia Sandini, ADI Delegazione Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige and its president Arch. Valerio Facchin. Alessandro was the glue: he’s very active with ADI and involved me in this interesting experience.

What’s your relationship with Alessandro Barison?
Io met him in 2011, we are part of the “great SID family”. Even if we attended that wonderful experience in different years, we met thanks to SID, by reading our respective interview about the Top 40 SID designers 1991-2011.
We discovered to have the same passion for design and desire to make the world a better place.

What exhibit do you participate in?
The exhibit, organized by ADI Nordest, was called “Oltre la Decorazione, Venezia laboratorio creative dal passato al presente”. The event hosted the passion of 12 design groups called by ADI to recall the decorative art soul of Venice. The city is a contaminated junction of civilizations and cultures, with an important role in skills and knowledge coming from all over the world.

What did you have to make?
We had to design a “palette” titled: Venice, timeless city.
To do so, we interpreted the restoration of Punta della Dogana by Tadao Ando, strongly supported by Fondazione François Pinault. The ancient salt warehouses built 700 years ago have been restored in 2009 in order to host and represent contemporary art. The authors themselves consider the new Contemporary Art Museum in Venice by François Pinault a “crossroad of history, modernity and passion for art”.

So, we had to develop a project by using coating materials, recycled if possible, giving them a different role: an art role able to recall the atmosphere of that Museum where past and present, tradition and innovation, west and east, decoration and minimalism live together.

Which style and concept did you give to the project?
We understood that, when he transformed Punta della Dogana in a Contemporary Art Museum, Tadao Ando asked himself the “real raison d’être of the project”. His answer was the need to create an area where, by exhibiting the artists’ works, you can perceive their intellectual and creative universe.

We adopted Tadao Ando’s idea and customized as following: by using samples of coating materials combined in shapes and colors, our work make the people perceive the intellectual and creative universe of those who wanted (François Pinault) and those who designed (Tadao Ando) the restoration of Punta della Dogana into the Contemporary Art Museum.

How did you translate this concept into a work?
We represented an isosceles triangle (Punta della Dogana plant) with side by side materials that evokes the past, such as antique mirrors, Corten colors, rough iron and wood marked by time. Their shapes remind the original subdivision of Punta della Dogana in 9 aisles.

Then we developed the intersection between an old triangle (the ancient salt container) and a new cube (the new art container) made with recycled material: a 2mm-thick flex concrete.

This intersection has been amplified by an antique mirror located at the bottom of the cube, highlighting the link between past and present. The position of the materials, according to Tadao Ando’s thought, has a threefold interpretation:
  • on one side we find the most decorated materials, such as mosaics, fabric and resin;
  • on the opposite side, we combined smooth ceramics and fabrics and provide the most imposing side of the triangle with an edgy and monolithic volume in shades of gray;
  • to the center and defining the triangle we find the “past” materials, such as iron, wood, jacquard fabric, antique glass and Corten.

I thank the supporting companies which provided us with the cover materials samples:

Was it difficult to work in a “new” team?
Not at all, I like long-lasting friendships and collaborations but I also tend to keep changing them, in order to compare different experiences, enrich them and developing new ones. Sometimes I meet with Alessandro and talk a lot, so working with him was like translating common methods and concepts into practice.

Final result? Your and people’s opinions?
It was a great satisfaction, first because we concluded the project in a record time: in about 2 weeks we collected information, identified the raison for being of the project, found the materials and the companies availability and developed the work. We were able to involve many artisans, we ourselves and even my beautiful partner.
The exhibit and the meetings scheduled by ADI created a strong interest, so I hope this could enhance ADI and its members’ will and commitment in find new ways to promote the design culture.

Say hello to Alessandro, your mate in the project “Oltre la Decorazione”.
Ciao vecio!!!
This is our greeting when we call each other, by the way I thank Alessandro again for the opportunity to work with him. During the long sporadic chats we’ve had since 2011, we’ve often said: “We’ll find an occasion to work together on the same project”… this was our first time and I’m sure there will be many other.

Pictures: Alessandro Barison

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6 nov 2014 The reused useful goods expo is back

The reused useful goods expo is back

The event from Nov 21 to Dec 12 at Ex-Macelo in Padua

PADOVA.  SCRAPout - Upcycling Expo is back with its second edition! It’s the fickle lab of creative process, a variable container where artists, designers and artisans work together in the production of useful goods through the reuse.

There will be an exhibit made up with 8 exhibitors, 3 makers’ work in progress, a moving set up divided in 4 work steps, a video-documentary showing the artists’ labs around Italy, and a video of the Expo itself in an exhibition area of the inner city. Expo ScrapOut: ReFuture is like a Chinese box, a mix of ideas and works that contain and are contained without hiding the beauty, the function and the importance of the other ones.

The exhibit is open from November 21 to December 12 at Spazio Espositivo Ex-Macello (via Alvise Cornaro 1, Padua) and, from November 26 to 29, also at Spazio Biosfera (via S. Martino e Solferino 5/7, Padua).

SID is part of the event too. Our education manager Eugenio Farina is one of the member of the technique panel that selects the participating artist along with the association representatives panel.

You can visit the event, but you can also participate as a volunteer, helping in the set-up, supporting the visitors and artists welcoming, be one of the barmen or PRs.
It’s a different way to give information during those days and sensitize the visitors of the Expo.

Info on the event and to become volunteer:

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31 ott 2014 Parentesi by A. Castiglioni & P. Manzù - File 49

Parentesi by A. Castiglioni & P. Manzù - File 49

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Parentesi
Year: 1970
Designer: Achille Castiglioni, Pio Manzù
Company: Flos

Light dangling on a wire: the peculiarity of the Parentesi lamp, apart from its extreme simplicity of contruction, is the innovative concept of having no floor base; rather, it is attached to a wire along which it moves.

(pdf, 1.0 MB)

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30 ott 2014 SID at Expo Scuola 2014 with Chamber of Commerce

SID at Expo Scuola 2014 with Chamber of Commerce

The meetings on creativity, digital painting and study abroad

PADOVA.  The Chamber of Commerce of Padua, within the initiatives on work-related learning, will be present at Expo Scuola 2014 at Padova Fiere on November 6 to 8.

Our institute will be involved with some activities co-organized along with the Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, we suggest the events on Friday, November 7th:
  • In the morning, SID lecturers will teach the basic techniques of digital painting.
  • At 10 am at sala Carraresi (Padova Fiere), the Chamber of Commerce will held the meeting “Going abroad to build your future”, in which students and professionals will debate on their stage, study and work abroad experiences (whole program in the picture).
After the meeting, the existing opportunities for students and schools for stage/study abroad periods will be presented.

On Saturday 8th, in the morning, you can attend a live simulation of the design path needed to create a new product, with the participation of Scuola Italiana Design lecturers and students.

Join us on November 7th and 8th!

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29 ott 2014 SID goes international: IDS Poland was born

SID goes international: IDS Poland was born

Graduates from Polish Universities selected for the first Master

KIELCE, POLAND.  A great success for Science and Technology Park Galileo in Padua and its educational department Scuola Italiana Design: IDS Italian Design School was born with its first Polish headquarter.

It happened in Kielce, Polish city with more than 200,000 inhabitants. There, SID collaborated along with the Institute of Design in the creation of the first Polish-Italian institute of industrial design. The opening ceremony took place a few days ago in the picturesque setting of Castle Hill in Kielce, home of the Institute of Design.

«Our aims is to export our twenty-year experience in industrial design by building a bridge among Italy and Poland Andrea Busato, marketing manager at Scuola Italiana Design, announced during the event.

The first Master of Italian Design School has started in last days and is lasting for 10 weeks. The course will be the springboard for a range of other Masters and workshops which will be permanently activated from 2015.
The lecturers come from SID and they’re taking turns in teaching flying to Poland for the occasion. The high level of the Master emerges considering his students too: 12 participants selected from a long list of candidacies coming from the Faculties of Design of all Poland.

During the 10 intensive weeks, the participants will develop 3 different projects for 3 important companies of the growing Polish market: Społem (food industry), Solplast (plastic packaging) e Dller (furniture). The Master is similar to SID one, so the main goal is to create a link between students and world of work since this training period.

«Our education is pragmatic,» Janusz Knap, Castle Hill director, proudly explains. «Our best success will be seeing the results of the students’ work in the market.»

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28 ott 2014 New boundaries for modeling and 3D printers

New boundaries for modeling and 3D printers

The seminar by Prisma Tech on November 7th at SID facilities

PADOVA.  An event focused on design and prototyping will be hostes at SID facilities on Friday, November 7th, 2014.

In fact, Prisma Tech, in collaboration with our institute, organizes the seminar “Design Solutions & Prototyping”.

In order to participate, you just need to fill this form: https://it.gep.autodesk-services.com/registration/26398.



9.30:New boundaries of Digital Prototyping
Eugenio Farina, Direttore Scuola Italiana Design; Giuseppe Donanzan, A.D. - Prisma Tech
10.00: Concept design and product modeling
Devis Bandiera, Sales Application Engineer - Prisma TECH

10.20: New standards for design
Devis Bandiera,  Sales Application Engineer - Prisma TECH
10.40: Break

11.00: La visualisation
Alessandro Mennonna, CG Artist - Prisma Tech

11.30: 2014 the year of 3D printing: presentation and visit to the lab
Maurizio Razzadore, Sales Manager 3D Printer Division - Prisma Tech

12.00: Active stereoscopy

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21 ott 2014 'Here's my proposal to relaunch Abitare il Tempo'

'Here's my proposal to relaunch Abitare il Tempo'

Two SID graduates exhibiting at Verona Fair: Alessandro Barison

VERONA.  Few days ago the 2014 edition of Abitare il Tempo took place in Verona. This year, 2 SID graduates participated in it: Alessandro Barison and Davide Daminato.

They collaborated together in a special project, so we decided to interview them... today we speak with: Alessandro Barison.

Alessandro, why did you participated in this event?
This year, Abitare il Tempo has been organized along with Marmomacc, a leading trade fair in the field of technologies for marble. Abitare il Tempo is affected by the difficulties of the furniture industry and the centrality of Milan and its Salone del Mobile. Thanks to this co-organization, Veronafiere tried to relaunch Abitare il Tempo and, for a greater impetus to the new path, asked ADI Delegazione Veneto Trentino Alto Adige to organize an exhibit about interior design materials.
So, for my participation I thank the curator Arch. Silvia Sandini and ADI Delegazione staff for selecting me to represent one of the different points of view of interior design.

Let’s talk about your feelings about the Fair.
Abitare il Tempo is going through a very delicate period of transition, but the quality of the last years editions gave me a good feeling. I must say the quality of exhibits and meetings was very high, with a lot of research focuses and interesting debates, but I was disappointed by the lack of exhibitors and products on display.
There were some excellences, but the general level of the fair was below my expectations. I know the period is hard and nobody has a magic wand; however, I think we can have a strong and effective relaunch by nurturing exhibits and meetings.

What was the focus of the exhibit “Oltre la Decorazione”?
“Oltre la decorazione, Venice as a creative lab from the past to the present” distinguished itself for the exhibit quality. My participation in it can affect my opinion, but I can say without contradiction that the exhibit was very successful.

It presented 12 panels made by just as many working groups led by ADI designers. The panels told 12 different research, selection and presentation projects about interior design materials, summed up in 12 textural moodboard inspired by Venice, the city symbol of a never-ending dialogue between history and modernity. Visitors were encouraged to think about the possible trends of contemporary furniture.

Which were the other exhibits?
“Oltre la decorazione” was a cross investigation between past and present of decoration with a proposal of possible future trends. Also the other exhibits at Palaexpo Veronafiere proposed a thematic and temporal path such as “Avere stoffa” (historical fabrics), “My design coffee house” (future home office) and “Italy Contract” (Made in Italy contemporary excellence products). Palaexpo also hosted a selection of architects and designers’ projects from Verona.

Abitare il Tempo and Marmomacc presented another exhibit at Hall 1: a successful experiment of integration of technologies for marble, interior design and architecture.

Is there any interesting topic for 2015?
As I said, Abitare il Tempo gave its best with exhibits and meetings. The topic of design quality is fundamental: the importance of the design research, of the attention to detail, of knowing how to communicate the “Made in Italy” and of distinguish between excellence and luxury...
But first of all the importance of get in the game and knowing how to compete among professionals, companies and institutions was highlighted.

As you said, for the first time Abitare il Tempo and Marmomacc were organized together: can they co-exist, in your opinion?
Abitare il Tempo is synonym of contract, that is interior materials before furniture itself, so the link with Marmomacc is a successful strategic move, but the path from a sketched coexistence to a real mutual enhancement and integration is still long and winding.

Veronafiere wants to create a synergistic platform to attract the foreign operators of the contract. I think it’s the right way, as I said Abitare il Tempo could find its right space and identity by spending more energies for quality exhibits and meetings.

Would you send a greeting to Davide, your partner for “Oltre la Decorazione” project.
When Silvia Sandini (ADI) invited me to present a project for the exhibit I immediately decided to involve Davide Daminato. He’s a friend of mine and I was sure I would have enjoyed to develop the project with him. Also, we were part of the “great SID family”, so we have a common creative approach even if our jobs are different. If we consider the limited time available, it was very useful in speeding up the design steps. Of course, I involved Davide first because he’s a great designer.

Other credits?
I take this opportunity to greet Vanessa Manin, friend and colleague, who participated in the project with her experience in interior design materials. Let me also greet Silvia Sandini and ADI Veneto Trentino Alto Adige president Valerio Facchin for the nice opportunity to test our creativity and professionalism. Also thanks to all the companies involved in the project, for the support in the provision of samples and the production of the panels. Thanks you so much!

ADI designers participating in the exhibit “Oltre la decorazione: Michela Baldessari, Alessandro Barison, Paolo Criveller, Pier Callegarini, Valerio Facchin, Favaretto and Partners, Raffaello Galiotto, Andrea Girotto, Silvia Sandini, Zangrandi Associati, Palmalisa Zantedeschi, Ascanio Zocchi.

Useful links:

Pictures: Alessandro Barison

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