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6 ott 2014 Enrico Cesaro, a designer in the service of cinema

Enrico Cesaro, a designer in the service of cinema

My real motivators? SID lecturers: I tell you what they taught me

PADOVA.  Now and then, we meet again SID graduates of the past years. We’ve just had this opportunity with Enrico Cesaro, who is launching his new website during these days. The website is just one of the results of his intense career, and we SID Pills ask Enrico about it.

Enrico Cesaro: what were your first steps in the working world after your graduation in 2004?
My first steps were within the family business, and it wasn’t easy due to the generational and cultural clash. But it was just a phase to settle and consolidate my basis.

What kind of news did you get yo the company?
I came from Scuola Italiana Design, so I brought there new ideas and cues: new finishing, new marketing solution for each customer, new communication strategy developed with a new team manager... we reached several satisfactions in both the domestic and foreign market.

I suppose you didn’t stay there for longtime.
Exactly: my calling was not to remain within a single business and creative reality; so, taking advantage of a corporate readjustment, I soon got involved in other projects with new companies and new professionals.

What has changed since that time?
It wasn’t easy, but now I’m a freelancer, with its pros and cons: the switch was a bit painful, but it’s leading to many satisfactions, positive energies, interesting people and professionals in both life and work.

The news is that you’re online with a new website. What do you communicate with it?
With the new website I want to communicate my philosophy of work and life: to me, every work is a creature to grow healthy and strong, to feed with the right emotional, technical and aesthetic nourishment. I make this path along with the client, listening to his real needs, and reaching together to the objective thanks to dialogue and mutual comparison.
So let’s take a look to your first 10 years of work: which are your best successes?
The best ones, at a national and international level, have happened in the last 3 years, in particular on the figure of director Antonello Belluco and set designers Virginia Vianello and Paolo Bandiera.

Why is a designer related to cinematography?
With the director Antonello Belluco I had the opportunity to design the corporate image of the production house Eriadorfilm and the movie “Il Segreto di Italia”, which is opening on November 20th this year in all Italian theaters. I created the logo, the website, the movie poster, the vintage graphics (1945) for Virginia Vianello’s scenography, the movie book and made the still photographer.

I also collaborated with Virginia Vianello and Paolo Bandiera in the movie “Il Leone di Vetro”, which is opening this month. There, I designed and built the graphics from 1866.

Can you choose the most meaningful projects you’ve developed by now?
I prefer answering that the most meaningful project is still to come.
To me every project is important, but I’d choose a recent national one which gave me satisfaction: I collaborated with the talented and famous set designer Virginia Vianello.

The project was for the call of entries by FS Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, and it ranked first on 46 candidates for its creativity. It was about the presentation of the new Freccia Rossa 1000, which is taking place soon at the station of Neaples.

On Virginia’s concept and the technical and image suggestions of mine, we graphically and technically developed the panels of the event, explaining all the organization of the ceremony.

Finally, let’s talk about your style: how much of “SID” can we find in it?
My style is linked to my values, that are the same principles of Scuola Italiana Design: creativity, italianism, professionalism and competence, research and experimentation, business vocation, internationalization, energy and passion.
These are the values I try to express in every work I make.

What are your best memories of SID?
I tell you it’s not easy to find these lecturers because the add their professionalism and skills to the vocation to be motivators: I must thank them because they make me discover the best of me, teaching to look everything with new curious eyes.
It wasn’t easy of course, but I’ve always believed in work and willpower to achieve an objective, and this approach comes to them too.
Moreover, they taught me the importance of a continuous evolving, to become teachers of myself, in order to learn and study new techniques and software to communicate my own work and person.

It’s a nice message for both younger designer and professionals...
This process never stops, you’ll never end to evolve and learn: if you don’t know something today doesn’t mean you won’t know it tomorrow. It’s just a matter of time, dedication and commitment to the goal.

Thank you Enrico for the talk!
I thank Scuola Italiana Design and its lecturer so much for the vocational and human education they gave me and for the honor and pleasure to answer this interview.

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3 ott 2014 Elasta by Safilo - File 48

Elasta by Safilo - File 48

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Elasta
Year: 1970
Designer: Technical office
Company: Safilo

I bend but I don’t break: Safilo’s Elasta introduced one of the most significant technological innovations for the eye-wear sector.

(pdf, 0.4 MB)

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1 ott 2014 Disney characters become social

Disney characters become social

Unhappily Ever After changes contest to the most famous cartoons

NEW YORK, USA.  Today we talk about a social graphic project developed by Jeff Hong, American animation storyboard artist.

He participated in the animation of movies such as Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan. Talking about Disney: Hong used its most famous characters for the project “Unhappily Ever After”.

The concept has a strong visual impact. It explores several contemporary social issues: the melting of glaciers, the mistreatment of animals, the pollution, etc. We selected some pictures, to see them all please follow this link: disneyunhappilyeverafter.tumblr.com.

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30 set 2014 London Design Festival 2015: our 15 choices

London Design Festival 2015: our 15 choices

The design trends by installations and products in the UK capital

LONDON, UK.  September is a month full of design weeks in some of the most important European cities. We made a little photo gallery for each of them.

  • Helsinki Design Week (September 4-14)
  • Paris Design Week (September 6-13)
  • London Design Week (September 13-21)
  • Bratislava Design Week (September 22-28)
  • Brussels Design September (September 1-30)
  • Vienna Design Week (September 26 - October 5)

London Design Festival, the English landmark for design. Lots of locations and topics: we SID Pills tried to discover some guide lineas within the multitude of proposals.

Index of pictures

  • Photo 2: Wikihouse 4.0, the most advanced prototype of open source building: low cost, high performance, can be mounted like a shelf
  • Photo 3: From Then On, clocks installation for Established&Sons 10 years of activity (design: Formafantasma)
  • Photo 4: Spectra by Field and Accept&Proceed, kinetic sculpture of meteor impact on the Moon
  • Photo 5: “hackerated” Moleskine by famous designers
  • Photo 6: Crest, installazione by Zaha Hadid for V&A Museum
  • Photo 7: Double Space by BarberOsgerby for BMW at V&A Museum
From the exhibit The Wishlist (young designers’ works “commissioned” by famous designers):
  • Photo 8: Arch. Norman Foster “wanter” a 3D pencil sharpener (design: Norie Matsumoto)
  • Photo 9: Terence Conran “wanted” a secret studio (design: Sebastian Cox)
New brands:
  • Photo 10: Stool 7 by StandSeven, in recycled materials. The cost of a single item covers one-year school fees for a child in Sierra Leone
  • Photo 11: Homewares by Native & Co., coming from Japan and Taiwan
  • Photo 12: Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility, mini-vases
  • Photo 13: Prima collection by Favaretto & Partners for Luxy
  • Photo 14: HB Lamp by Michael & George
  • Photo 15: Collection III by Nika Zupanc for Sé, also present at Spazio Rossana Orlandi
  • Photo 16: Edge Collection by Paul Crofts for Isomi for office furniture
Source: Pinterest

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29 set 2014 Dear students, eyes are watching you!

Dear students, eyes are watching you!

Opening of the 24th SID Year of Study: the report of the event

PADOVA.  The new Scuola Italiana Design Year of Study officially opened on September 25. During this event, several personalities spoke and we collected the most meaningful words.

President an Director speaking

The 2014/2015 Year of Study will be the first full year for the new President of Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Galileo, Francesca Gambarotto, and the new General Director, Emiliano Fabris.

They both directed their words to the students: «You’re here to build and shape you skills to create» the President said. Then, she analyzed SID summer activities: «SID didn’t spend much time on holiday: we organized 2 important workshops, in Rovinj and in Nida, that demonstrate our approach to the European and international range.»

General Director Fabris greeted the Study Plan and the Master’s students too: «You’re here to learn the profession of a designer, so don’t forget there are eyes watching you: they’re looking for the best ideas and the best talents.»

Lineabeta: a first door for young designers

A rich participation of designers and managers, starting from the moderator Andrea Maragno.
Each of them represented a different working reality, but they all participated in the creative labs by Lineabeta.

Sonia Tasca and Enrico Capitanio introduced Lineabeta with its history and guidelines: «Lineabeta wants to crate products with an accurate design concept and great accessibility. Lineabeta Lab hosts every year design graduates for developing projects and product concepts under JoeVelluto (JVLT) supervision and the entrepreneurial and productive know-how by the professionals working at Lineabeta.»

Vanni Scapin, SID graduate in 2013: «It was an excellent experience, and it was easier because of SID studies: SID makes you breathe the working environment, so the jump from the educational period in the working one is almost natural.»

3 keywords for new companies

Diego Coppiello (North East Custom): «After SID, I’ve applied the creative methods to my passion for motorcycles customization. This year we also went to Salone del Mobile with a motorbike, that is a first great result.»

There was also Giorgio Biscaro, whose CV speake for himself: he’s now Art Director at FontanaArte, but also co-founder of SomethingGood, where we can find a new and contemporary idea of production: «The time of large mass-production is over. Today quality design means highly customized products according to customers’ needs, and quick decisions for a better growth. SomethingGood produces valuable objects with SMEs.»

Lineabeta and the other companies “on the stage” have 3 common themes: product customization, according to customers’ needs; growth, both individual and in production quality; experimentation, a word close and depending by the first two.

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24 set 2014 Contests |  Become protagonist of i Saloni 2015

Contests |  Become protagonist of i Saloni 2015

Lexus Design Award leads you and you prototype to the fair

MILANO.  Organized by Lexus and Designboom, Lexus Design Award 2015 supports the future creators who can enrich the world with their projects. This year theme is “the 5 senses”, and the proposals must explorer them in pioneering ways.


Participation is open to design professionals, students and enthusiasts from any country and +18.
The categories are three: architecture, product and fashion. The project must go beyond shape and function, and become a process/solution to overcome the contemporary challenges.


The participation form must be sent up to 22.59, November 3rd, 2014. The proposals must be sent up to the same day at 23.59 (one hour later).
The name of winners will be published from April 20th, 2015.


Paola Antonelli, Aric Chen and Toyo Ito are some members of the jury. They’ll choose 4 winning prototypes which will be produced by the sponsor and will participate in the Lexus Design Award 2015 exhibit + ceremony at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The winners will receive the round-trip to Milan and accommodation for 2 nights.
Prototypes and winners will be also posted on designboom.com website.


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23 set 2014 The 6 finalist products of Innovation By Design '14

The 6 finalist products of Innovation By Design '14

Smart thermostats, DIY kits, ankle-covering boot and...

NEW YORK, USA.  The US magazine Fast Company’s Co.Design announced the shortlist of Innovation By Design award 2014. The slogan of the competition is: “a healthier, brighter, more efficient world doesn’t just happen - it happens by design”.

We looked at the “Products” category (the others are experience, health, data visualization, social good, experimental, apps, graphics, students and spaces) and so we show you the 6 products that can win the prize on October 6th.

1) Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner by Quirky and GE (photo 2)

Aros is the example of “Internet of things”, where devices communicate to each other by a cloud. With your smartphone, you can control this smart thermostat-air conditioner: it registers your budget, your position, your schedule and automatically maintains the ideal temperature helping to save cash and energy.

2) August Smart Lock by Fuseproject (photo 3)

The interaction smartphones-objects continues with this controller to open/close the house door. The device substitutes the old lock, while an app on your mobile phone substitutes the keys. The door can now automatically open if our hands are full of bags, but also you can allow your guests to come into your house when you’re away (e.g. babysitters, electricians, etc.)

3) Kano Computer Kit by MAP (photo 4)

Computer as Ikea would sell it: with just 99 dollars you can buy the components and assembly a real pc. You build Kano within 107 seconds, and it also teaches you the basic of codes.

4) Littlebits Space Kit by LittleBits and NASA (photo 5)

A game, but with solid base of science and engineering: this kit allows to build tools to explore the space (in miniature).

5) Magista Football Boots by Nike (photo 6)

Nike designed the first soccer boot that covers the ankle. Thanks to the new Flyknit technology, the player can now have major comfort and ball control with a protection of the ligaments connecting the lower leg to the foot… it’s suitable for fragile ankles!

6) Pencil by FiftyThree (photo 7)

An intuitive pencil for iPad shatehed in wood. It works as its “analogic” counterpart and the illusion to write on a real piece of paper is total: you can even shade as you angle its tip.
Pencil could be considered the mouse of tablet era or, better, their pencil.

Do you agree with the choice of Fast Co.Design for 2014?

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22 set 2014 Opening of 24th Year of Study on Thursday Sep. 25

Opening of 24th Year of Study on Thursday Sep. 25

We'll talk about 'Young Designers and New Entrepreneurship'

PADOVA.  You’re all invited to the inauguration of the 24th SID Year of Study, which is taking place at Auditorium of Liceo Artistico Modigliani in Padua on Thurday, September 25th 2014.

The event will be introduced by Francesca Gambarotto (President of Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Galileo) and Emiliano Fabris (General Director).

The theme of the meeting is Young Designers and New Entrepreneurship, with a great “case history”: Lineabeta, the project born a couple of years ago (remember here?) linking young designers and companies. Lineabeta also reached last Salone del Mobile.
Guests: Enrico Capitanio, Giorgio Biscaro, Diego Coppiello and some SID graduates who participate in Lineabeta Lab.

You can follow live the event also on our social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check the hashtag #sid1415!

What: Year of Study 2014/2015 - Opening Ceremony
Where: Auditorium Liceo Artistico “A. Modigliani” in Padua (map)
When: Thu. September 25th, 2014 at 15.00

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19 set 2014 A week dedicated to wood in Cantù

A week dedicated to wood in Cantù

Mendini, De Lucchi and Citterio guests of Riva 1920 meetings

CANTÙ.  On Saturday, October 20th 2014 the Festival of Wood is starting in Cantù, a week dedicated to this material among design, culture, tradition and innovation.

During this festival there will be debates, workshops and meetings, and we suggest many of them to the young designers who want to know more about the material wood.

In particular, we suggest the events promoted by company Riva 1920, which organizes 3 meetings with Antonio Citterio, Alessandro Mendini and Michele De Lucchi.

The full program here below (click to see the pdf).

Festa del Legno 

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19 set 2014 Boby by Joe Colombo - File 47

Boby by Joe Colombo - File 47

One Hundred Years of Italian Products


Title: Boby
Year: 1970
Designer: Joe Colombo
Company: Bieffeplast

Co-ordinated furnishing: for years Boby has been popping up in the studios of many architects and designers, becoming an irreplaceable complement to the décor.

(pdf, 0.6 MB)

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