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Emiliano Fabris and Andrea Maragno, director and educational coordinator of our institute, summarized in a few sentences the philosophy and educational idea of Scuola Italiana Design.

Designers who have studied with us know how to imagine, take risks, create and achieve.

Emiliano FabrisScuola Italiana Design is a place of cultural expression and experience where concepts and tools come together to build knowledge.

Students are guided toward the appreciation of the union of knowing-how-to-think and knowing-how-to-do from day one. This is accomplished through the unique relationship that flourishes among faculty, students and all the personnel who breathe life into Scuola Italiana Design.

We have a “systemic” approach where design is seen as a path that develops out of the analysis of needs, cultural and lifestyle changes, and the explosion of potential made possible by new technologies.

Emiliano Fabris, Scuola Italiana Design director

At SID we strive to do “otherwise” every single day.

Andrea MaragnoSID educational path is rich of multidisciplinary feats that blends “knowing-how-to-think and knowing-how-to-do”; an approach that ranges from anthropology to design thinking and design making.

We’ve got our feet firmly on the ground and our heads high above the clouds. SID students like to stick their “hands in the cookie jar”, but even more, they yearn to nourish themselves, to create, to comprehend and to remain ever curiosity.

In fact, Achille Castiglioni used to say that “above all a designer must be curious (…) and observe forms, gestures, and conformist behavior (…) in order to figure out that it’s possible to do otherwise”.

Andrea Maragno, SID teaching coordinator


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  1. Bonjour Dott Fabris & Maragno,
    Sono Kamel Ben Youssef, professore associato di maketing e strategie d’impresa presso l’università di Parigi Nanterre. Il mio ambito di ricerca comprende il comportamento del conusmatore, il design prodotto, Tourismo e la responsabilità sociale d’impresa.
    Voglio creare un percorso su un doppio Workshop tra la vostra SID e la nostra università
    Essempio : 5/10 studenti di Parigi Nanterre University 5/10 studenti della SID lavorano su un progetto commune ?
    Saro a Bassano del Grappa dal 4 al 6 gugno, sono disponibile ad un incontro merclodi 6 gugnio
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    Grazie per l’attenzione, a presto
    Kamel Ben Youssef
    Université Paris Nanterre
    200 Av de la République – 92001 Nanterre Cedex -France
    Tél : +33 (0)1 40 97 71 99 – Mobile : + 33 (0) 6 60 03 50 26
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