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The web department of Elle Décor Italia decided to celebrate Christmas 2016 entrusting to Scuola Italiana Design and to its students to reinvent the Christmas tree.

SID launches its second Winter Camp of the year, that turns in “Xmas Edition” for this occasion.
SID Camps are part of the study plan: students have the possibility of present the final outputs using all the tools learned during their studies (physical prototypes, 3D renders or vectorial graphics).

The students of the whole 3-year course work together. SID gives the possibility of gaining a tutoring experience to the third year students, of strenghtening the learned tools to the second year students and to live a real experience for those of the first year, because they have not enough skills to develop a project.

The idea of this contest is to build a good relationship between Scuola Italiana Design and Elle Décor Italia.
“SID Winter Camp 2 – Xmas Edition” occurs on November 25th and 26th in SID in a two intensive days project.
The delivery date of the best selected projects is November 30th.


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