Our Masters

Aimed at the future, without losing sight of the present

Through a strongly work-oriented approach that combines theory and professional practice, we translate specialized knowledge into concrete skills that are immediately spendable in the marketplace.

We aim for excellence with experienced faculty who come from academic backgrounds and successful professional experiences.

Time is precious, which is why we propose intensive formulas that allow you to specialize in 4 months of classroom time and immediately begin your professional internship within national and international realities.

School of Masters, the school of masters.
Learning from the best for a better future.

Study grants

Early bird promotion is active for all School of Masters courses until September 10, 2022. Find out about tuition reductions by downloading individual Master’s degree brochures.
Galileo Visionary District facilitates enrollment for Intensive Master’s 2022 with scholarships worth 1,500 euros that go toward reducing tuition fees. Reserve your spot and secure your scholarship (combinable with early bird enrollment benefits).


Master’s Degree in Advanced Exhibition Design

The MAED Masters program develops the ability to translate content into a physical, virtual or hybrid three-dimensional spatial experience. The course provides the designer with vision, technique, and execution skills, all essential tools to face a market that requires professional figures who can competently interpret the information provided by clients and transform it into meaningful and compelling interactions.


Masters Degree in Advanced Product Design

Becoming a Product Designer means having the ability to see the project aware of the entire process that will lead an idea to become a product. From design research geared toward the client and the production process to strategic vision on how the product will impact the client and its target market. All through economically and environmentally conscious design…


Master in Digital Design

Ranging from digital media to the social sphere, the DIDE master’s degree aims to provide the skills needed to move with awareness between design and art direction, creating figures capable of defining design strategy for brands and companies and coordinating the activities of art and creative departments, appanage of the vast digital information market.


Master in Design Management

Through a modular and immersive course, the DEMA Masters program plans to integrate technical skills (engineering, design, marketing) with managerial, operational and strategic notions. DEMA is designed for those who have the ambition to fill responsible roles by combining planning, communication and service design skills with notions of strategic management.

Our office

The School of Masters SID is based inside Poplab, a laboratory of the Galileo Visionary District Science and Technology Park in Padua, Italy. Poplab is located in a 500-square-meter open-space within the Rovigo Innovation and Research Cluster. The lab occupies one of the industrial archaeology buildings of the former Polesano Sugar Factory that have been recovered to house the certified incubator, innovative startups, research centers and universities. Inside it houses training spaces, a professional studio and a digital manufacturing lab.

2022/23 Edition

Intensive master’s degree

  • Sept. 10, 2022 – last date to register with an early bird reduction
  • Sept. 30, 2022 – last date for registration
  • October 07, 2022 – final date for passing the selections and enrolling in the Master’s programs

Masters programs will begin the following week and conclude in March 2023, participants will then continue on the internship. The presentation of Masters theses will take place in July 2023.


Master weekend

  • Sept. 30, 2022 – last date to register for selections with the early bird reduction
  • Oct. 21, 2022 – last date for enrollment in selections
  • Nov. 04, 2022 – last date for passing the selections and enrolling in the Master’s programs.

Master’s degrees will start the following week and end in February 2023.

How to pre-register for the Masters selection?

Pre-registration for the Masters programs is necessary to access the selections and obtain eligibility for final enrollment.

The Masters programs involve a selection process through individual interviews (online or in-person). At the interview, the candidate will have to present his or her curriculum vitae, portfolio (except for the DEMA Masters degree) and give a detailed explanation for why the candidate is applying for the particular Masters course.

To enter the selection process, the candidate must complete the pre-application form by downloading the form and sending it in its entirety to the Secretary’s office of the School of Masters (masters@scuolaitalianadesign.com). He/she will then be contacted to schedule an interview with the coordinator of the chosen Masters program.

The outcome will be communicated within 7 days of the interview; if the candidate is found eligible, he/she may proceed to enrollment.

Contact us

If you would like to receive information about the Masters program, registration fees, or to learn more about the School of Masters’ academic program in detail, you can contact the Secretary’s Office at Scuola Italiana Design.