Our Institute

Scuola Italiana Design - Study Industrial Design and Product Communication




means an exceptional balance between culture and experience, theory and practice, concept and tools. This educational level comes along with a human dimension where students are followed and nurtured since their first day through a unique relationship that binds him to the other students, lecturers and SID staff.


is the root of the institute for two reasons: for the concept, because courses and projects, related to design thinking (and making), are developed under a “Made in Italy” point of view, recognized for its quality worldwide; for the location, because SID is the educational branch of Galileo Visionary District in Padua, a reference point for innovation and growth of people and companies.


is the specialization of our training offer, constantly improved by intercepting new trends, by listening to the voice of companies, by exploring the evolution of methods and means of designers. Today, our main proposal for college-age students is the three-year Course in Design and Product Communication. In addition, we organize short and advanced courses and workshops during the Year of Study.