The manager designer

hrough a modular and immersive course, the DEMA Masters program plans to integrate technical skills (engineering, design, marketing) with managerial, operational and strategic notions. DEMA is designed for those who have the ambition to hold positions of responsibility by combining design, communication and service design skills with concepts of strategic management.

Everything is moving faster, competition is increasingly international and fierce, and the market seems saturated with every product/service. Therefore, key figures need to cultivate not only technical abilities but also and especially “strategic skills” to anticipate the future and hold their own in competitive confrontation.

The daily challenge of our businesses is to create something enduring, sustainable, innovative and appealing. The course aims to provide notions and the language to interpret evolving market trends and needs, to define a strategic line supported by qualitative and quantitative evidence, and to design innovative, sustainable and impactful products/services with greater awareness. A qualified and multidisciplinary faculty team (marketers, economists, designers, engineers, sociologists, psychologists), experiential workshops and testimonials from visionary companies and enterprising managers will round out the curriculum.


Giulia Turra
DEMA Masters Coordinator

Why choose this Masters program?

For a new mindset that complements your current skills.

To get a glimpse of the future by combining creative planning and strategic vision.

To prepare for corporate work by learning directly from entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.

To stand out and distinguish yourself in the business world.


All faculty members come from established professional backgrounds that alternate between teaching and research activities. The coordination of the Masters program ensures the connection between faculty referents of the subjects, so as to offer maximum efficiency throughout the training.

Here are some of the lecturers involved:

Giulia Turra

Giulia Turra

Executive Manager Start Cube

Startup lover, marketer, lecturer and business consultant.

Andrea Menini

Andrea Menini

Associate Professor

of Business Administration at the University of Padua. Teaches in the undergraduate program in Economics and Business Plan in Science and Culture of Gastronomy.

Elisa Gritti

Elisa Gritti

Sustainability Specialist

PhD in Economic Anthropology. works on projects for sustainability strategies in enterprises.

Emiliano Fabris

Emiliano Fabris

Galileo Visionary District Director

Certified Public Accountant, Business Coach

Massimo Bustreo

Massimo Bustreo


University lecturer, consultant in business and consumer psychology, professional coach, pianist.

Who is the Masters program intended for?

Il master si rivolge a professionisti laureati triennali o magistrali in Design Industriale, Architettura, Economia, Ingegneria, Marketing e Comunicazione o provenienti da altre scuole o accademie che desiderano accelerare le proprie competenze con un percorso formativo declinato sulle specifiche esigenze del mercato del lavoro attuale. It is a path that combines hands-on training, advanced professional tools and strategic vision.

Enrollment in the Masters program is limited to ensure a high quality of teaching and to center attention on each individual student. Classes will have a maximum of 20 participants.

How to pre-register for the Masters selection?

Pre-registration for the Masters programs is necessary to access the selections and obtain eligibility for final enrollment.

The Masters programs involve a selection process through individual interviews (online or in-person). At the interview, the candidate will have to present his or her curriculum vitae, portfolio (except for the DEMA Masters degree) and give a detailed explanation for why the candidate is applying for the particular Masters course.

To enter the selection process, the candidate must complete the pre-application form by downloading the form and sending it in its entirety to the Secretary’s office of the School of Masters ( He/she will then be contacted to schedule an interview with the coordinator of the chosen Masters program.

The outcome will be communicated within 7 days of the interview; if the candidate is found eligible, he/she may proceed to enrollment.

After the Masters degree

The course was created to meet the current needs of companies that are increasingly seeking strategic figures who can interpret market needs, but also manage a team and coordinate a project.

DEMA is designed to fill the market gap left by the current study courses and encourage the entry into the market of a new professional figure: the business designer, who can come in different forms in the following profiles:

  • Design manager
  • Service Design Manager
  • Business or Design Studio Manager
  • Team Leader

Normally these skills are developed over years of experience; with this master’s program, we wish to accelerate participants’ learning and entry into the market with roles of responsibility and coordination.

Thanks to its weekend program, DEMA is perfect for those who already occupy junior roles in companies or professional studios, freelancers, and those who are just entering the world of work but seek to incorporate new business skills straight away.

Want to Know More?

Find out more about the subjects, how the course is organized and the main skills you will acquire with our Masters.

Education Objectives

The DEMA Master’s program is designed for those who wish to make a qualitative leap in their career by integrating technical notions with managerial, operational and strategic skills.

In DEMA the focus is not on software but instead on developing critical and strategic thinking through a market-driven lexicon and cultivating know-how.


The skills provided will enable the following educational objectives at the end of the course:


  • Study and define scenario building in order to plan product/service launch strategies;
  • Design innovative, scalable and sustainable business models;
  • Experiment with innovative design methods such as design thinking;
  • Learn about neuromarketing techniques;
  • Delve into brand strategy in evolving markets;
  • Foster leadership and team management skills.

Method and structure

The DEMA Master’s program is designed to provide an immersive and motivating learning experience that is organized and methodical.

Its four educational pillars are:

Business Design

Sustainable Innovation

Marketing & Strategy


Educational Modules Description
Business Design Leverage a business or re-startup of a business division by learning to interpret context:
– Scenario Building
– Business model
– Business plan
Sustainable Innovation Planning new business in an innovative, human driven and sustainable way:
– Design thinking
– Start-up mindset
– Sustainable business
Marketing & Strategy Design an effective marketing plan considering the frontiers of neuromarketing, social media, and brand strategy:
– Neuromarketin
– Personal / Brand strategy
– Social media strategy
Management Working on soft skills to train the manager of the future to be someone who combines technique, planning and empathy:
– Project management
– Public Speaking
– Team building

Duration of the Masters program

13-week weekend formula

November 2022 – February 2023
130 hours of instruction

Friday: morning + afternoon
Saturday: morning
(3 weeks per module + 1)

2022/23 Edition

  • Sept. 30, 2022 – last date to register for selections with the early bird reduction
  • Oct. 21, 2022 – last date for enrollment in selections
  • Nov. 04, 2022 – last date for passing the selections and enrolling in the Master’s programs.

Master’s degrees will start the following week and end in February 2023.

Contact us

If you would like to receive information about the Masters program, registration fees, or to learn more about the School of Masters’ academic program in detail, you can contact the Secretary’s Office at Scuola Italiana Design.

If you would like more clarification on the contents of the Master’s program, you can write to the DEMA Master’s Coordinator: