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Frequently asked questions

Is there an admission test for the Three-Year Course in Product Design and Communication?

Is there an admission test for the Three-Year Course in Product Design and Communication? It is possible to take an Admission Test, free of charge and not binding on enrollment, in which the SID educational proposal is presented and the motivation of the student candidate is assessed using the SID Compatibility Tool. This tool allows for three outcomes: admission, conditional admission or non-admission.
The tests are mandatory for those who intend to later enroll. You can book the tests through the Admission Test booking form.

Visit the SID Orientation page to stay up-to-date on entrance test dates.

In any case, registration closes when the maximum number of students eligible for the Course is reached.

What is the annual fee for SID courses?

Since the Galileo Visionary District (of which Scuola Italiana Design is an educational brand) aims to enable a high-quality pathway to the greatest number of students, tuition costs are kept within contained economic values that are competitive in the panorama of national and international private initiatives of the same level.

Every student in the Three-Year Course in Product Design and Communication also has a price lock guarantee: the tuition fee for the next two years of study remains the same as the fee paid for the first year.

Since the fee may vary from year to year, to find out about it simply download the PDF with useful info about the current year through the online form provided.

Is it possible to pay the registration fee in installments?

The enrollment fee for the Three-Year Course is already divided into 2 or 3 payments, depending on the date the enrollment is made. Updated information is provided year by year along with the enrollment form.

What is the validity of the degree awarded?

At the end of the third year of study, the student obtains the First Level Academic Diploma in Design and Communication (DIPL-02) assimilated to a First Level Bachelor’s Degree, recognized as such nationally and internationally.
The Diploma is awarded by delivery and discussion of the thesis during one of the available graduation sessions after taking all the examinations stipulated in the three-year curriculum.

What are the employment prospects for SID graduates?

Every year, numerous companies ask for the names of SID graduates, to whom the institute provides references of graduates from the last two years of study.

One year after graduation, the institute also surveys the employment status of its graduates.
Below are the results for the past few years:


Total students employed *

  • Company 75% 75%
  • Professional Studies 17% 17%
  • Freelance 8% 8%
  • Other 0% 0%

* SID Graduate Employment Rate Academic Year 2021/2022 calculated on the total number of responses received to the questionnaires sent out (44 responses out of 55 graduate students).

Can I attend a Master’s program abroad at the conclusion of the three-year course?

A student who plans to attend a Master’s program outside Italy will need to contact the specific foreign institution to verify the eligibility of his or her degree and portfolio with regards to foreign institutions prerequisites.

Are there any textbooks to be purchased? ... Which ones?

There are no textbooks to be purchased for individual courses. Any materials and handouts will be provided or recommended directly by the professors.

Regarding the purchase of software, please refer to the question regarding personal computer features.

There is also a library at the institute that includes subscriptions to Abitare, Domus, DDN, Il Bagno, GDA and Wired magazines. There is also the historical collection of 1483 issues of the magazines Habitat Ufficio, Interni Annual, GDA, DDN, Il Bagno, Interni, Keramikos, Ufficio Stile, Casa Vogue, Domus, Abitare, L’architettura, Modo and Casabella since the 1960s.

What specifications should my personal computer have?

Due to the type of software used during the SID curriculum (graphics, 3D modeling and rendering above all), the computers to be purchased require features that guarantee a good level of performance and, above all, that can be used for the 3 years of the Course. For the Year of Study 2023/2024, WE RECOMMEND computers with characteristics similar to those listed below:

Minimum PC specifications:

Processor: Intel Core i7 Gen. 12
M.2 SSD hard drive: 512 GB / 1 Terabyte
Video card: nVidia RTX 3060 with 6GB video RAM (and above) – DirectX 12.1
Display: Full HD 15″ (1920×1080)

Recommended PC specifications:

Processor: Intel Core i9 Gen. 13 and above
M.2 SSD hard drive: 1 Terabyte
Video card: GeForce RTX 4060 – 8GB video RAM (or higher) – DirectX 12.1
Display: Full HD 17″ (1920×1080)

Minimum MACBOOK PRO Specifications:

Processor:M2 Pro, 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU
16GB unified memory
512 GB

Display: 14″

Recommended MACBOOK PRO specifications:

Processor:M2 Pro, 12-core CPU, 19-core GPU
32GB unified memory
1 TB

Display: 14″ or 16

USB pendrive (required): 64GB USB 3.0 (min write speed 100MB/sec)
External hard drive (recommended): 480GB / 1TB SSD (USB 3.0)

Please note: The features described above are constantly evolving, so it is recommended that you lean on a trusted point of sale for the most suitable configuration depending on the type of use and budget available for purchase.

Is there a Wi-Fi Internet connection?
At the beginning of every year of study, each Scuola Italiana Design student receives a personal username and password to access the Wi-Fi Internet connection dedicated to them.
Is the institute easily accessible?

The institute is served by public transportation in Padua (Bus line 7, departing from the train station and stopping immediately after Hotel DC). It can also be reached by personal transportation.

More information at the following addresses: