Discover SID

Would you like to learn more about Scuola Italiana Design, the curriculum, collaborations with Companies, Workshops, Camps and Master Projects? You can participate in one of our Discover SIDs!

The Discover SID service, consists of a series of collective training meetings to respond to all students who want to join the SID world.

Discover SID is a free meeting available in ONLINE format (every Thursday via the Zoom platform).

SID Admission Test

If you have already attended the Discover Sid informational meeting, you can register for the Sid Admission Test online.

The ONLINE Test is administered by theAdmission Manager of Scuola Italiana Design on the ZOOM platform. The Test session lasts 55 minutes, of which50 minutes will be devoted to the conduct of the Test and 5 minutes to any questions the candidate may ask our Admission Manager.

The test is divided into 5 types of questions:

  • General Culture (multiple answer)
  • Visual Perception (multiple response)
  • Descriptive Geometry and Perception of Space (multiple response)
  • Concept Analysis and Synthesis (open response)
  • Motivational Interview (open response)

Based on the score achieved, the possibilities are:

  • direct admission – with a score of 30 or higher
  • Admission to the Design Review (the Make-up Test) – scoring between 20 and 29
  • non-admission – with a score of 19 or less
    the maximum score is 50 points.

Design Review

Design Review is the remedial test reserved for those who did not achieve direct admission to Scuola Italiana Design. It consists of a practical design test on the topic of Product Design and Communication.

The test assesses the skills of observation, deduction and creative production.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours (Online)

At the end of the test, the result can be:

Admission – Positive test result
Non-admission – negative test result


The Design Review is a remedial test arranged on demand, dates are determined in consultation with the applicant once eligibility has been verified through placement testing.

Open Day

It is an experiential journey through the Three-year BA in Product and Communication Design of Scuola Italiana Design, the first Higher Education Institute established in the Northeast with more than 1,000 graduates and more than 350 companies partnering in training activities.

You will meet SID Teachers, Students and Alumni (Graduates), see labs, projects and workshops that have enabled SID to distinguish itself over these 30 years.

You will learn about the 5 training areas: product, visual, multimedia, management and human science.

The next Open Day will be held on Saturday, July 20 from 9 a.m. at Scuola Italiana Design in Corso Stati Uniti 14/bis, Padua.

Enrollment and Payment

Download the Registration Form for the Three-Year Course in Product Design and Communication. Only candidates who have already taken the
Admission Test
with SID Admission Managers.

The Enrollment Form also contains the arrangements for payment of the fee

Do you need to submit the Payment receipt?
Send an email by clicking on the button indicating the CRO number and attaching a copy of the transfer receipt made.

Orientation activities
at the Schools

Are you an outbound orientation liaison or a teacher of design-related subjects?
Are you a student and want to introduce us to your classmates?

Throughout the school year, we are available to secondary schools to introduce students in their final years to the institution and its educational offerings.

Request the meeting by writing to us at

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Course in Product and Communication Design

“Today there are no more specializations, and being and doing design is a fluid activity, constantly changing and always interconnected.”

Ettore Sottsass

The new SID curriculum is designed to empower the student to develop thinking that is capable of expanding.