University Loan
By Merit

Scuola Italiana Design students can count on financial support designed by Intesa Sanpaolo to enable them to expand their skills.

“Per Merito”
is a loan that any student residing in Italy can obtain on the sole condition of being in good standing with their chosen course of study and requires no collateral.

“By Merit”
makes it possible to meet tuition fees, the purchase of educational materials, housing expenses, and anything else necessary to get through one’s course of study with peace of mind.

At the end of the studies, a 24-month “bridge period” is activated, during which the student will receive no more disbursements but will not yet have to repay anything.

Repayment takes place over a maximum period of 30 years; in case of early repayment there are no additional costs.

The rate is fixed and defined at the time of underwriting.

All interest is paid back by Intesa Sanpaolo to the
Fund for Impact
, the fund created for groups with difficulties in accessing credit and education.

For contract terms and conditions see the Information Sheets available at the Branch and on the bank’s website. The granting of loans is subject to the bank’s approval.


For all insights:

How to Apply

  1. Register on the Intesa San Paolo website at the link:!/incapscontainer
    or by typing “for Merit” into the site’s search bar
  2. After obtaining Username and Password, enter the confirmation email and fill in the fields in the Conventions and Universities section.
  3. At the next step you will be offered the loan and asked to fill out the application.
  4. To the question “Are you a new enrollee” you must answer “No” as the question is reserved only for enrollees in public universities.
  5. You will need to specify the remaining term of the loan whether one, two or three years and select the loan type “by Merit.”
  6. You will then have to choose the Intesa San Paolo branch where you will open the account thus finalizing the loan application.
  7. Habacus will send you an email requesting a copy of your ID card and privacy consents.

* PST Galileo Scpa / SID is exonerated from any responsibility about the assessment on the existence of prerequisites, possible rejection of the application and subsequent disbursement of the loan. All responsibility is referred directly to Banca Intesa San Paolo Spa.

Information and Contact

For any additional information, please contact the administration of Galileo Visionary District.

Tel: +39 049 806 1111

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