SID Summer School

The SID Summer School is an extracurricular activity involving a Team of Students and Recent Graduates selected through merit criteria.

SID Summer School is structured in 3 weeks each dedicated to a specific research project. No teaching but applied research activities are performed on the assigned topics. The students, coordinated by the relevant mentors are the main actors in the development of the stages of research and analysis, concept elaboration and presentation at the end of the period of the generated material to the evaluation committee composed of the mentors and the companies that provided the research topics.

Finally, managing the dynamics within a small working group and managing assigned tasks are some of the characteristics developed during these weeks of group work on assigned topics.

During this summer activity, Students are placed within the Galileo Visionary District’s R&D Design Department Team and will have the opportunity to collaborate with our researchers and designers in the development of projects of different nature: from product to visual design, from marketing to interaction design.

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Course in Product and Communication Design

“Today there are no more specializations, and being and doing design is a fluid activity, constantly changing and always interconnected.”

Ettore Sottsass

The new SID curriculum is designed to empower the student to develop thinking that is capable of expanding.